Preserving food

Other work on my cabin has included building a new cupboard for food storage.  You can see how work began in this picture the new cupboard will be to the right of the broom

Here is the cupboard now and it includes a worktop you can pull out when cooking on the stove ad slide back in when you do not require it.  I just need to build doors now

Recently I wrote about collecting berries for the winter and while at the cabin I made some apple and blueberry fruit leather

You can read how I make it in one of my previous posts.

Ingvar caught 21 fish in his net so we decided to smoke them to preserve them.  The fish were gutted and then salted (plus a little sugar added) and left for one day.

The next day we made fire in my smoker and added Juniper and Alder to give flavour to the fish.

Anki smoked the fish for one hour

and they tasted very good.


2 thoughts on “Preserving food

  1. Hej Kevin!
    Just found this blog and really like it! Those fish look very tasty. Have you tried ‘sik’ (whitefish)? The best smoked fish we’ve ever tasted!
    Greetings to the neighbourhood and drop in if you like. 😉


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