Double bed

Since we moved to our house, Teres and I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor, so I decided to make a wooden bed.  I bought some off-cuts of Pine from a local saw-mill which cost me £20.  To remove some of the bark from the off-cuts I had to build a shaving horse

I did a lot of shaping of the wood using my knife

Here is a series of pictures of the beds construction, beginning with the base of the bed

Teres has started carving name signs and has made one for the bed


4 thoughts on “Double bed

  1. Thats wonderful Kev! You are skilled man.
    Also a post about how you build the shaving horse would be interesting!


  2. A green woodworker and woodcarver I knew you were mate but a skilled carpenter to boot as well.

    All three together I think you may have found an extra line of work mate.

    A few pics of the shave horse construction would be good as it is on a list of jobs to do for me.



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