A cabin and wildlife

Today we have had a cabin delivered which I purchased from Gallivare Camping

It can hold 4 (possibly even 5) people and bunk beds were included

We will insulate the cabin and install a small wood burning stove and then we will be ready for guests to come and stay with us

I have also purchased a 10 person Swedish military tent from my friend Ekhardt

Which has a very good wood burning stove inside

Staying close to home;

The Siberian Nutcracker is still around and coming to the bird feeder most days

and from time  to time the Moose visits

In addition I have now found Beaver on the opposite side of the road to our house

He is very friendly but comes out late in the evening when it is too dark to photograph him.  Here is a path he uses to go in and out of the water

and here I assume he is gathering mud to his lodge

People will soon be able to book to visit us via my new website (when it is finished)


5 thoughts on “A cabin and wildlife

  1. Awesome cabin!!!!! Maybe one day ill get a night or three in it!

    I must have a link or something on where to purchase myself one of those amazing looking tents!!!!!

  2. Kevin,
    Are these Tardis cabins?
    As they look much bigger on the inside than outside!

    Keep up the good work, looks like you will be ready for attendees for your courses soon. 😉


  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I admire your crafting and constructions skills! You really made a good job with it. I think your cabin is starting to look livelier now, it’s wonderful. We are in the middle of construction here ate house too. We are planning to make new pine bunk beds for a bedroom, hope it turns out well. I think it’s really great t live close to nature. I wish I could experience that someday too. You take such wonderful pictures! It makes reading your blog more enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is great that despite your busy life, you are still able to find time to share these with us.

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