Another cabin

We now have another cabin

about ten minutes walk from our house

Here are Emma and Sebastian following me (I am pulling Emma behind me in my pulka)

, situated in the forest, next to a small river

and it is here now where our guests will stay.  The cabin can hold 5 – 6 people

and has a wood burning stove for heat and a bottled gas hob for cooking on.

Upstairs there is one large room

From the room there is a veranda which looks north and offers nice views of the northern lights.

Work on our website is underway now and when I have resolved some issues with my html coding, it should be working.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a local Saami family about running courses together.  Guests will be able to learn how Saami clothing is made and will make their own traditional leather coffee bag.  There will also be the opportunity to be with them when they are working with the Reindeer.

In May 2011 I will be working with Thomas Öberg a renowned naturalist, with his own weekly radio program here in Sweden.  We will be offering 5 day birdwatching and nature tours based just outside Lulea, looking at some of Laplands specialist species.


2 thoughts on “Another cabin

  1. It seems to be snowy up there! A beautiful guest house.

    You have interesting projects (courses) going on, thanks for sharing your plans.

  2. Do you realise how wonderful your life looks man:)

    cabins,very nice woods surround you,and solitude as much as you prefer. I am gladly jealous to you.

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