Snow, snow and more snow…

On Thursday morning it was snowing very heavily and had been snowing most of the night.

15cms of snow fell before the snow finally stopped.  Not sure what this is called in English but it’s what I and many people here use  to clear the snow

Emma was also helping me, using a shovel

We push the snow up around the house to help insulate it.

With so much snow, I have had to remove the summer wheels on the cars and replace them with winter wheels.

They are forecasting at least another 20cms of snow tonight.

While I was in England I was interviewed by a local newspaper and you can read the article here.



7 thoughts on “Snow, snow and more snow…

  1. Regarding the snow scoop- when I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we called them Yupper Scoopers 🙂

    They sure make short work of clearing show and saves your back.

    Hopefully we’ll get some of that snow here (in NorthEast Indiana, USA before too long).

  2. I usually but a thick board under the jack. Unless you trust the ground under the jack to not give. My habit of putting one of the tyres under the car saved me once when the ground was softer than I though; since then the board — a 30 cm chunk of 220×45 IIRC — is always in my car.

    Down here (Jämtland) we only had a bit of snow, that has now rained away again. Ice coated dirt roads, something for the adrenalin junkies…

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