Tentipi Zirkon 15 person kåta

I have just purchased a Tentipi Zirkon 15cp (15 person) tält kåta.

It comes in its own rucksack and weighs 19kgs.

You can set up the tipi on snow but first it must be compressed down (I used my snowshoes)

It took about 15 minutes for me to set up the tipi on my own

I plan to have an open fire when using the tipi

The vent at the top of the tipi can be opened to let out the smoke.

I am thinking to organise a Tentipi gathering here next year.










The days are shorter

The sun appears above the horizon for about three hours at the moment.  Here are some pictures of the sun rise in Nattavaara





We have also had some really nice views of the full moon during the day.  It took this picture at 13:30

We have at least 15 Willow Tit coming to our bird feeder, 11 Great Tit, 1 Blue Tit, 4 Northern Bullfinch, and 1 Siberian Tit (Lappmes in Swedish).

The temperature outside as I am writing this is -31 degrees C.

Roe Deer!!!

Emma was keen to see the Reindeer, so we set off to look for them, using her “spark”

Many people use these here.  They have two thin metal runners and either a chair or basket on the front.  Emma sits in the chair and I stand in the back and move the spark along the ice by pushing with my foot on the ground.  You can move very quickly, but of course it doesn’t work in deep snow.

It was not long before we spotted the first Reindeer

As we sat quietly and watched the herd gradually moved closer and closer until they eventually crossed in front of us.

and more

We also had a very unexpected find while we were out……

Roe deer tracks!!

Emma wanted to travel further into the forest to look for animals so we headed off on the snowmobile.


A knife hand-made by me.

I have now completed my new website.  Learning to work with html code hasn’t been easy, but I am now happy with the look and content of the site.


I also have the first item for sale in our shop.


It’s a knife hand-made by me using my favorite blade

which is 8cms long and made by Leif Carlsson.  Here is the knife and sheath.

I have made the knife handle from Reindeer horn and Birch bur, with Lapp leather between each piece.  The sheath is also made from Lapp leather (half tanned Reindeer leather) and has my Natural Lore design on it.

Tracking Reindeer

I seem to have few opportunities to get out and about these days so the other afternoon I decided to go out in the forest and do some tracking, so I put on my snowshoes and headed out.

Very quickly I found fresh Reindeer tracks and droppings

There were some beautiful views as the sun was setting

but as the sun disappeared the temperature dropped to -23 degrees and my breath started freezing on my face

There were many Reindeer tracks in the snow as I walked

It was not long before I glimpsed the first Reindeer on the horizon

I quietly walked up behind a ridge and looked over

The animals quickly spotted me and were soon on the move, but I walked quietly and steadily behind them and eventually they stopped to rest and feed and they allowed me to get quite close unfortunately it was getting dark and difficult to hand hold the camera

After about 15 minutes they headed off deeper into the forest and I made my way back home.

Below -20 degrees C

Yesterday morning it was -28 degrees C as I drove into Gallivare at 8am.  Unfortunately I did not have time to go out and take pictures, but here are three I took from the car.

This morning the temperature was -24 degrees and as I write this a 5:30pm the temperature is already down to -21.  The daytime temperature is not going above -15 and with sunrise just before 9 and sunset at 3pm the days are getting much shorter!

Gathering wood

We are about to put a woodburning stove in our house, so just before the snow arrived I was out in the forest harvesting wood from the land that we have.

The first task of course was to make fire

It was a very cold day so the coffee pot was cooking all the time

and of course it was nice to get warm by the fire

As I felled the trees I stacked the branches for use in shelter building

and the timber I have stacked against trees to dry and I will collect them with the snow mobile later in the winter

Some of the Pine I used to build a bed

I covered it with a layer of small Birch and then covered the Birch with a thick layer of Pine.

I was hoping to build a shelter over the bed before the snow came, but did not have time.