Tracking Reindeer

I seem to have few opportunities to get out and about these days so the other afternoon I decided to go out in the forest and do some tracking, so I put on my snowshoes and headed out.

Very quickly I found fresh Reindeer tracks and droppings

There were some beautiful views as the sun was setting

but as the sun disappeared the temperature dropped to -23 degrees and my breath started freezing on my face

There were many Reindeer tracks in the snow as I walked

It was not long before I glimpsed the first Reindeer on the horizon

I quietly walked up behind a ridge and looked over

The animals quickly spotted me and were soon on the move, but I walked quietly and steadily behind them and eventually they stopped to rest and feed and they allowed me to get quite close unfortunately it was getting dark and difficult to hand hold the camera

After about 15 minutes they headed off deeper into the forest and I made my way back home.

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