Roe Deer!!!

Emma was keen to see the Reindeer, so we set off to look for them, using her “spark”

Many people use these here.  They have two thin metal runners and either a chair or basket on the front.  Emma sits in the chair and I stand in the back and move the spark along the ice by pushing with my foot on the ground.  You can move very quickly, but of course it doesn’t work in deep snow.

It was not long before we spotted the first Reindeer

As we sat quietly and watched the herd gradually moved closer and closer until they eventually crossed in front of us.

and more

We also had a very unexpected find while we were out……

Roe deer tracks!!

Emma wanted to travel further into the forest to look for animals so we headed off on the snowmobile.



4 thoughts on “Roe Deer!!!

  1. Not up to your standard Kevin but I was out with Catherine at the weekend. She is 7 now and happy to sleep in a hammock. We had a late night walk in the dark through the woods. After a while we heard a number of deer. We switched our torches on and all these eyes lit up around us. She cannot wait until she tells her class today about it.

    More pictures of the weekend on Facebook.



    P.S. Hoping for a bit of snow this week

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