The days are shorter

The sun appears above the horizon for about three hours at the moment.  Here are some pictures of the sun rise in Nattavaara





We have also had some really nice views of the full moon during the day.  It took this picture at 13:30

We have at least 15 Willow Tit coming to our bird feeder, 11 Great Tit, 1 Blue Tit, 4 Northern Bullfinch, and 1 Siberian Tit (Lappmes in Swedish).

The temperature outside as I am writing this is -31 degrees C.


6 thoughts on “The days are shorter

  1. Hello Kevin

    Been enjoying your blogs for a while now, often read them with considerable envy!! Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that the latest pics look amazing! -31….mmh!….here’s me moaning ’cause it was -2 this morning in West Lothian, Scotland. All the best.


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  3. Hey Kevin, beautiful pics – I borrowed one for my photo-binge, hope you don’t mind.

    PS Jonny are talking about trying to get out to see you next winter, we are both still jealous. Love to Teres xx

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