Tentipi Zirkon 15 person kåta

I have just purchased a Tentipi Zirkon 15cp (15 person) tält kåta.

It comes in its own rucksack and weighs 19kgs.

You can set up the tipi on snow but first it must be compressed down (I used my snowshoes)

It took about 15 minutes for me to set up the tipi on my own

I plan to have an open fire when using the tipi

The vent at the top of the tipi can be opened to let out the smoke.

I am thinking to organise a Tentipi gathering here next year.











6 thoughts on “Tentipi Zirkon 15 person kåta

  1. Wow your tipi tent looks a bit thin and flimsy for such sub zero living. The little fire will hardly melt the snow round it, is it possible to get some slleep in such sub zero, freezing conditions, does one assume the toilets are the frozen outside? Dana.

  2. 19 kg / 15 people = 1,27 kg. That’s OK – if you have place for 15 people in there, that is (+ fire). I just wonder why buy such a massive tent – want to enlighten me?

      • Hi mate,
        very nice tent. You can put “gran ris” as a cover on the ground. Dont know what it is in english. You wife can help you out with it. And then you cover it with Reindeer furs. I believe you will get it very nice and cozy.

        If it get really cold you can have a second inner tent. Which is breast high and fill it with dry grass and stuff for insulation.

        How warm did you get it when you took the pictures?



      • I’ve been looking out for you on Skype but not seen you on recently.

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