Christmas tree

I had my first chance to get out and about on the snow mobile on Friday, driving about 50kms in total.

Here’s a picture I took at midday and shows quite well that the sun is now only just appearing over the horizon (but at 7:30am we have blue sky)

Knowing that I would be cooking coffee later in the day I collected firelighting material in advance.  The temperature was only -13 so this Old Mans Beard lichen was a little damp.

I put damp firelighting material in my shirt for at least one and a half hours and my body heat helps to dry it, so when I was ready to make fire the material was dry

One of my tasks while out was  to find a Christmas tree (Jul gran in Swedish) and after a lot of searching I found a nice shaped tree

The tree looked really good once Teres had decorated it



4 thoughts on “Christmas tree

  1. Looks pretty magical. I expect I’ll be going to the local garden centre for our tree…in the car!

  2. Quite a nice outing for the Christmas tree. You have an excellent site here and I look forward to each of your posts. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  3. Ya, that just looks WAY cold. I went fishing in the snow yesterday and I think I was fishing in the tropics compared to where you are. =)

    Found your blog today on OBN. I like it very much.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

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