A bit of a challenge

I have been doing a lot of work on the cabin we have in our garden (more about that soon) and while on the roof lifting up the flue for a woodburning stove, I knocked the  ladder and could only watch as it slid down the side of the cabin and onto the floor, taking the flue and rope with it.   The cabin is only about 5 metres high and I could have lowered myself down but even though it was -26 I decided to try and find a way to resolve my situation……..I like a challenge.

As always when I need to resolve a problem the first thing I do is gather together everything I have with me, empty all my pockets and lay out everything I have to try to come up with a plan.  For this particular problem I decided to use a tape measure, my knife in its sheath and one of my boot laces.  I used the bootlace to tie the tape and knife together so….

I let out the tape measure to lower the knife down

and after a short time, managed to hook the knife and sheath through a loop in the rope

Once I had pulled up the rope, I was able to pull up the ladder and the problem was solved!



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