Another year ends and begins

Last year was an eventful and life changing year and I can’t help wondering what this year will have in store for us.

I left the UK on 2nd February with 200kgs of my belongings to start a new life here in Lapland.  In July we bought a house here in Nattavaara By and at the same time my parents left the UK for the first time in their lives to fly here and spend three weeks with us.  In August Teres became pregnant but unfortunately lost the baby eight weeks later.

I am hoping that we can find a another house to move to this year, which is next to a lake or river.  As house prices here have risen dramatically in the last two years, it is proving much more difficult to find and buy the right house than I had imagined.

I haven’t been able to spend as much time out and about as I had imagined I would, but hopefully that will change.  I have many other plans and ideas  but with less and less  money I must get work here to finance them.  I have also added a “Donate” button in the side menu and any money donated will be used to support this blog.

My Swedish continues to improve all the time and once I can speak good Swedish I look forward to talking with some of the old people here who cannot speak English but carry much knowledge of the old ways here.

We have not made as much progress with the business as I had anticipated and this in general is due to the fact that so many Swedish people seem willing to help and provide just what we need, but unfortunately never do!

We are busy working on our program of courses for and the site will continue to develop.  I also have in mind to organise some sort of “Natural Lore Gathering” here, which would last for one week.  Please complete the form below if you would be interested to attend.

I would also like to know what sorts of things you would like included and covered here on the blog during the next year and you can use the form below to do that.


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