A lack of power

I am almost finished now working on the cabin we have in our garden

and I will be writing about the work I have done next time.  One of the final jobs was to fix in electric cables and fittings and connect the power cable from the house to the cabin.  This we did on Saturday with the help of my friend Tommy.

It took from 11am – 10pm to complete all the work.  Ironically at around midnight all the power went off in the village and when I awoke at 3am the house was already getting cold.  Power was restored briefly when I got up but at 8am the power went off again and did not return.

Unfortunately (like many homes here) when electricity was cheap to buy in the ’50’s previous owners removed wood burning stoves and chimneys, leaving us with no other source of heating.  The temperature outside was -15 and by 11am the temperature in the house had dropped to 15 degrees,  so I decided we would move out to the cabin.  I have installed a small wood burning stove in the cabin, so I made fire to warm the cabin prior to us moving.  To limit the number of times we opened the house door (letting in cold air) we gathered everything we needed into bags and then moved everything to the cabin.

I cooked soup on the stove

and by removing the top I could toast bread

The cabin was warm and comfortable

The children arrived at 6pm and with four of us in the cabin it became VERY warm!  We decided that Teres and the children would sleep on the bunk-beds and I would lay on the floor near the fire, putting in fuel to keep it burning all night.

Teres and the children constantly complained about how warm it was in the cabin and at one point I suggested they either sleep in the house where the temperature was now 8 degrees, outside where it was still -15 or even in the snow shelter!!  They wanted me to let the fire go out but I knew the cabin would chill very quickly if I did that, so we compromised with the small window open.

The power was restored in the middle of the night (a number of trees along the cable line had been blown down in the strong winds) and when we got up the house was nice and warm again so we were able to move back.


4 thoughts on “A lack of power

  1. Excellent Plan B you had there Kevin.

    What are the options for getting a stove in the house?

    • I only bought the house as a temporary place to live until we find what I am looking for and so I am not keen to spend a lot of money here. However Teres now has full-time work here in a Nattavaara as a day mum and so if we cannot find another house close by, I will put a wood burning stove in next summer.

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