Palt skedar (dumpling spoon)

Teres’ mum asked me to carve her a new “palt skedar” (translated to English it means dumpling spoon).  I looked through my pile of split firewood logs and found a nice piece of Birch.  I haven’t carved any spoons for some time so this one took about 6 hours to make.

The traditional palt skedar has holes in it to drain water from the dumpling as you can see on the left of the picture below

but because Teres’ mums name is Anki I put an “A” into the bottom of the spoon.

Here is a final picture of the shape of the spoon from the side, showing the hook to hang it up with.



5 thoughts on “Palt skedar (dumpling spoon)

    • I will make you one :>) Yes I am ready. I will be there Torsdag och Lordag. Hopefully see you there.

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