Woolen birds

I’m planning to spend some time at my cabin this week so this will be my last post until I return.

Teres is now a full-time day mum here in Nattavaara, looking after children while their parents are working.  We are testing activities for the children to do and here is the first one…….woolen birds.

Here are the items you require

You need three different colours of wool to work with.  Take a piece of card and wrap the wool around 50 times

doing the same with all three colours (for my bird black is the back colour, red the breast colour and white the wing colour)

Now cut through the wool and remove from the card

Lay the wool for the wings over the wool for the back  and then fold it around,

then do the same with the back wool and tie a piece a wool around to hold it in place

Next, place the wool for the breast on top and secure with another piece of wool

and then fold the breast wool in half (but not around the other pieces of wool)

Twist the wing wool a few times and then fold down to create the wings

Finally tie a piece of wool two-thirds of the way down and clip off the long strands of wool to make them even…and you are finished!

Here are some we have made



One thought on “Woolen birds

  1. Hi, I used to make this as a kid, but had forgotten how they were done. Thanks for the instructions, I could make a few now with my own kids!

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