Failed to reach my cabin!!

Unfortunately it proved too difficult to reach my cabin.  I was warned by the locals that traveling in the current conditions would not be easy, and they were right.

Many people have commented on how bad this particular winter is.  Apparently during a normal winter, temperatures from time to time will reach above freezing and at this time the surface of the snow melts and when the temperature drops again the surface freezes hard, providing ideal traveling conditions.  However, this winter the temperature has not gone above freezing since the middle of October and so the snow is very light and powdery, making it very difficult to walk and ski (I thought it was just my lack of experience).

With my pulka (I’ll be writing more about that next time)  packed with my equipment and food

I headed off on skis towards the cabin

Immediately it was obvious that traveling with skis was going to be difficult.  The skis were sinking into the snow so deep that I had snow up to my thighs.  I could not slide with the skis, but instead had to lift them out of the snow each time and step forward.  And in the deep snow the pulka was difficult to drag (pulling me back each time I tried to move forward) and was on its side most of the time having slipped into the deep ruts left by my skis.  After 45 minutes I have traveled about 150 metres.

Eventually I gave up and made my way slowly back to my car.

Let’s hope the temperature rises soon but I think it’s unlikely as this morning it’s -35!!!


10 thoughts on “Failed to reach my cabin!!

  1. Are you longing for Spring yet Kevin..?
    How do the Moose and Reindeer cope with such powdery deep snow..?

    • They are also finding it difficult. One of the reasons that the Moose are so large here is “survival of the fittest”.

  2. Looks like a traditional snowshoes would be a better solution in those conditions.

    I would love to read a post about making your own snowshoes if you don’t have any. I’m sure you are skilled enough to make them.


  3. Glad to hear you got back safely Kevin.

    How far is the trek anyway and would you comfortably be able to make that in a day using snowshoes?

    I take it Forest Skis are wider to cope with the powdery skis?



    • It’s about 4kms but my experience of snow shoes so far is that they perform less well than skis!!. Forest skis and wider and also longer.

  4. Hi Kevin, I guess you don’t have any problems with mosquito’s yet?
    I live in the centre of Sweden and think winters are to long and hard here, respect t you that moved from a warm populated country that far up north, you still enjoy the climate ?

    • Hej Kent. The climate is good for me. I have a lung condition and the dry air here is much better that the damp air of the UK. However, sometimes when I am working outside at -30 building something of trying to get the scooter to work, I do not enjoy the climate quite so much ;>)

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