Problem solved

I was invited out yesterday by my friends Dirk and Silka from Solberget, to do some tracking in the forest.  I was somewhat concerned about getting around in the forest on skis, but they assured me it would not be a problem.  They use Tegsnas forest skis, which are 95mm wide

and loaned me a pair to test.  It was a completely different experience traveling on these skis compared with the military skis that I have.  I was not sinking into the snow at all at it was very easy to move around.

We did not find so much spore while we were out, but we did find burrows in the snow where Capercaillie had spent the night

Apparently it can be quite a frightening experience if you ski over one of these burrows while the bird is still in it, as the snow erupts in front of you and  a Capercaillie busts out!

We also found Pine Marten tracks

Dirk has a kåta in the forest where he takes guests to stay and we stopped there for lunch

It is close to a beautiful area of marsh where there are many birds and animals during the summer.

One thought on “Problem solved

  1. Yes, the Tegsnäs Skis are great for this kind of snow and I missed them here in Skelleftehamn since we’ve had a lot of snow since November. I think I’ll buy a pair for next winter.

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