An eventful few days!

As I mentioned before, I had not been well for some time and for the past two weeks I had had a really bad cough (I had not slept well for almost two weeks).  Because of my lung condition I know how to recognise the symptoms of a lung infection and I was sure there was no infection present.

On Monday 28th February I was due to catch a night train from Nattavaara – Arlanda from where I would be flying to England to visit my parents. On Thursday the 24th February I started having severe pains in the right side of my chest when I breathed and initially thought I had cracked my ribs again because I was coughing so much, but I was also coughing up small amounts of blood and sweating a lot. So on Friday morning I decided to visit the hospital to find out what was going on and whether I required antibiotics. They did a series of tests and were very concerned about the results. The results showed that I had severe bacterial pneumonia. How severe?…..well a bacterial blood count that shows 50 is high and cause for concern, but mine was 140!! and for that reason I was immediately admitted and given introveinus antibiotics

Fortunately I had a fantastic view from my bed to the Dundret mountain

The staff were very helpful and determined that I would be fit enough to catch my train and flight to England.  After three and a half days of introveinus antibiotics and strong pain killers, my bacterial count level had dropped sufficiently that they decided to let me leave at 12:30 (my train was due to leave at 13:50) with more antibiotics and pain killers.

I stood on the station platform waiting for the train, but it never came!  A phone call to the train operator informed me that the train had driven over some Reindeer near Kiruna and there as now a two hour delay.  True to their word exactly two hours later the train finally arrived and I was on my way.

As I write this I am sitting at Arlanda airport awaiting the departure of my flight, dosed up on pain killers and antibiotics.  I hope the rest of my trip and my stay in England are relatively uneventful…..I will let you know.


6 thoughts on “An eventful few days!

  1. Safe journey buddy.

    Enjoy your stay back at your parents and get well soon.

    The hugs and kisses are from Alison and the kids xxx.


  2. Good journey and enjoy, good to hear that everything is well. I suppose you didn’t follow your advice from 17 feb 😉

    Anyhow, take care!

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