Clearing snow from roofs.

As the weather continues to be above freezing during the day (but still -30 at night) there is an increasing chance of an avalanche of snow descending from a roof if a door is closed to hard or from movement inside the house.

So now is the time to remove the thick layer of snow (up to 1 metre thick) from the roofs.  A friend showed me a very useful tool he had made for this purpose and which can be used from the ground instead of having to climb onto the roof.  His was very professional looking but due to lack of funds, I needed to make mine from whatever I could find laying around.

I decided to use an old scraper used for cleaning windows and floors.  It consists of a metal from with two rubber blades.  The first thing I did was to remove the blade section and turn around so that the rubber blades were facing back

Between the blades I inserted a long piece of plastic, held in place by four screws through the rubber blades

I secured a long piece of Pine as a handle

and it was ready to use.

The metal head is pushed up under the snow and as the snow releases, it slides down the roof on the length of plastic

Here is a picture of some of the snow cleared from the roof

A set of drain rods would be ideal as a handle as you could extend or shorten to suit your needs but unfortunately they do not use drain rods here and so it is impossible to buy them.


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