Lapland in early spring

Nature is becoming more and more active here now with all the beautiful sunny days we are having with temperatures around 0 degrees.

I have been spending some time out and about.  The other day I was out collecting the outer layer of Birch bark now being shed by the trees, for use in demonstrating fire lighting later in the year

The Blue tits, Great Tits and Willow Tits are singing in the forest, the Woodpeckers are drumming and the Crossbills have nests with eggs and will soon have young.  The Siberian Nutcracker appears to have left us now and has probably commenced his journey back to Siberia.

While out walking I noticed what looked like recent activity by the Beaver who lives near our house.

On closer inspection I found much fresh activity

and fresh wood chips on the snow from where he had been gnawing

There was also a clear trail in the snow where it had been dragging branches (seen here in the middle of the picture)

which led me to this hole

situated on the edge of the river bank. allowing the Beaver access under the ice and into the river, to carry its food across to the lodge.

You can see disturbance in the snow around the edge of the hole caused by small branches as the Beaver drags pieces of Birch down the hole.

I have spent a couple of evenings laying out in the snow until well after dark, waiting for the Beaver to appear

but so far I have not seen it.


2 thoughts on “Lapland in early spring

  1. Sometimes, for reasons unknown, they prefer to go out in the mornings instead of the evenings.

    Their eyesight and hearing is not very good, but their sense of smell is excellent, so make sure you stay downwind of the spot where they are likely to appear.

    They will also likely be more sceptical towards going out if you have messed around a lot in the vicinity. Never leave any spit or urine close to the hole. Then it may take a week or so before they dare to come out again.

    Like with any hunting, try to blend into the vegetation, although their seing is poor, they can spot movements and stark contrasts.

    • I went back next morning Torjus but it had not come out during the night and did not come out in the morning.

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