First weekend at the cabin in 2011

In addition to my current lung problem I have now hurt my back again!!  We had intended to ski to my cabin last weekend but it was impossible for me to travel on skis.  Ingvar and Anki were staying at their cabin and Ingvar offered to take us to the cabin on his snow mobile.

There was much snow at the cabin.  Here for example is my sauna

We soon had a fire going to get the cabin warm and went for a walk along the scooter trail (where the snow is compacted and easy to walk on).  I have a second pulka now given to me by Ingvar and Anki.

On Saturday we walked to Anki and Ingvars cabin

Anki cooked a really nice meal

with sliced Reindeer, meat, onion, garlic, noodles, mushrooms, cream, herbs and spices

On Saturday evening there was a full moon and it was really nice to walk in the forest with the moon shining through the trees and onto the snow

and here are some pictures of the cabin by moonlight


3 thoughts on “First weekend at the cabin in 2011

    • Thanks Robin. I took quite a few pictures but unfortunately with just a slight breeze and a the 15 second exposure time, many of them were blurred.

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