Segebaden pulka

I have written before about using a pulka or tabogan to carry equipment.  The two pulkas I have are made by a company called Segebaden (they also make pulkas for the military)

The first pulk I aquired is made of timber and has a canvas top.  In the picture below I am using it to transport the weekly recycling.

My second pulka is made of fibreglass, also with a canvas top

Both pulkas have ridges running along the underside to help ensure the pulka travels in a straight line

Recently I used it to transport tools and materials to a cabin we have, about 15 minutes walk from our house

On this occassion I was dragging the pulka using two ski poles, but there are two different yokes you can buy for the pulka; one for a person to use and one for a dog to use.

With a temperature of -33 the cabin was very cold

I quickly got a fire going and after about 1 hour the cabin started to get warm

I was there to construct a floor for the veranda

which will enable guetes to sit out and watch the nature and Northern Lights from the veranda.


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