Training with skis

I’m still not that good on skis so I’ve been out in the forest training.

The weather and scenery are beautiful just now

The Birch trees are sheding their winter coat now and I am collecting the thin, pappery outer bark for teachingfirelighting later in te year.

Of course I made fire I cooked coffee.  I collected resin rich, standing dead wood to use for making fire

I used a thick layer of Pine as a base to build the fire on

It ignites easily and burns very well due to the resin

Soon the snow was melting

and coffe was made


5 thoughts on “Training with skis

    • Thanks Paul. We have had + degrees here for sometime now and as the snow melts its becoming very wet and slushy. If you fall through the snow layer, there is water underneath. As I write this its now raining here!!

  1. Hi again! We are fine over here. I Don’t know if I will still make it this year, but maybe in February or March next year for some days dogsledge tour in Jokkmokk with Matti…do you know him? Hope you all are doing fine as well!
    My bees are already working heavily now producing honey, it’s nice to watch 🙂

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