Venetjoki at spring time

I have written about trying to see beaver in the stream that runs close to my house and now I have been able to photograph them.

They are coming out at about 19:30 each evening and are not bothered by me sitting and watching them

However, yesterday was probably not a good evening for the beavers.  In the past huge amounts of logs were floated down the stream in spring when water levels were high and all natural obstructions (stones and sand banks) were removed.  This means that the water flows uninhibited and now when the ice is melting, it flows down river with the water.

Just downstream of where the beavers are living, there is a large area of ice that has not melted and so ice flowing down could get no further.  Very quickly an ice jam formed

The jam became larger and larger as more ice was carried down and the water started to flood over the land as it could not get past the ice wall.

This morning the ice jam had cleared and the water level had dropped, but here is a piece of video I took of the ice jam yesterday evening

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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