An evening by the river

The sun is now setting at around 21:30 but it does not get dark until after midnight, so yesterday evening I headed out to the Råneälven about 1km from my house, to see what I could find.

The evening started well with two Moose in the forest watching me

and I had not been sitting at the edge of the river long when a beaver decided to come and check me out

There were also two Bean Geese (Anser fabalis rossicus)  and three Whooper Swans

I have started taking photographs through my telescope with my digital camera, using a piece of waist pipe to connect the two together

with reasonably good results.  The three swans were taken this way, as was this swan taking off

There was Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, Snipe and Wood Sandpiper displaying over the river, but the best bird of all was a Great Grey Owl (lappuggla in Swedish) which flew over the forest and then along the river.  I had seen one before in Canada when I worked with Mors Kochanski, but have spent many hours here searching to find one.

Picture by Thomas Oberg


3 thoughts on “An evening by the river

  1. Congrats on that owl Kevin.. Bet you were well pleased..
    Love that beaver shot. That would look good as a big picture imo..

  2. I am as skint as I have never been before mate, so not for a while.. But I would love to go out there again and to see you guys.. :0)

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