A couple of days at my cabin

I have been to my cabin for a couple of days to finish working on the kitchen.  The road is clear of snow now so I was able to drive there.

I arrived on the 17th and was surprised to find that there were very few birds there.  There was a pair of Bean Geese on the lake and I have a pair of Siberian Tits (Poecile cinctus) nesting close to my cabin, but I was not able to find the nest.

I made some bread for lunch using flour, honey, salt and baking powder.  I put peanut butter and jam on the bread after I have baked it in the oven

I spent the day working in the cabin and for my evening meal I cooked spaghetti bolognese

I spent the evening in a forest clearing hoping to photograph a bear, but saw nothing.

Yesterday (18th) the first bird I saw as I walked out of the cabin was a Swallow (the first of the year).  I spent the morning working in the cabin again.  I needed to cut a piece of worktop.  To prevent the surface splitting and cracking you cover the line you will saw with sticky tape and this gives a nice neat finish.

I used the same bread mix as mentioned above to make a pizza base (with a few herbs and spices added) and I covered the base with a carton of tomatoes, re-hydrated mushrooms, sausage and cheese.  After cooking in the oven it turned out very well

In the evening I went to a much larger forest clearing where there was a Whinchat (Saxicola rubetra) singing and for the first time in my life I listened to a Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus) singing from the top of a tree.  Unfortunately it was too far away to take a picture.

This morning I left the cabin to drive to Nattavaara.  I realised halfway in my journey that I had left my telescope in the cabin, and so had to turn around and drive back which was actually very fortunate…… because as I arrived back at my cabin 4 Long-tailed Ducks landed on the lake


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