Bloody typical!!!

While I was at my cabin hoping to see a bear, one was seen on the the road near my house in Nattavaara!. It was also seen in some ones garden the previous week.

I have been out and about over the weekend looking for birds and animals. I have found a really large lake just outside Nattavaara

with a nice area of marsh around the outside

There was a White-tailed Sea Eagle sitting at the edge of the lake when I arrived, but it flew off before I could get a picture. There were also Arctic Terns, Bean Geese, 4 Willow Grouse, a Reindeer with a small calve and this Moose

At this little cabin near to the lake

there was a Kestrel nesting and I found this Tengmalm’s Owl

He wasn’t easy to see, but I found that if I did not look directly at him he would let me get closer

until after about 10 minutes I was one metre from him

I promise you it is not a stuffed one!!

I was also out with a local birdwatching group on Saturday near Porjus.

We saw Little Gull, Red-breasted Merganser, Goosander, Osprey, Dunlin, Temminck’s Stint, Common Scoter

3 Oystercatchers (which is a very rare bird up here in Lapland), Common, Green and Wood Sandpiper, Bluethroat, Common Crane,

and a close Whimbrel

Of course we also made fire, grilled sausage and cooked coffee.


One thought on “Bloody typical!!!

  1. Okay, Laplander –
    I’ve been having a blast this spring watching your spring… (watching you watching spring?) and comparing your birds to ours.. (very similar!)
    But -what I have to know is..
    Sausage and Coffee!
    You cook sausage and coffee every outing – I’m dying to know more about the sausage and coffee!
    Please… for Cristy in Wyoming…
    do a “here’s all about laplander’s sausage and coffee” post?

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