Out for a meal

Teres says that we never go out for a meal together, so the other evening I took her to one of my favourite places………

Its a nice quiet spot with a lovely view across the river and a great area to watch birds and animals (we were fortunate enough to watch a Peregrine Falcon chasing Common Sandpipers over the river).  I also saw my first skogslämmel, Forest Lemming (Myopus schisticolor).

I made a sausage and vegetable stew, with cheese dumplings and coffee after.

The dumplings I make by mixing flour, salt, baking powder and honey.  I then cut lumps of cheese and wrap the dough around the cheese and cook in the stew.

And now specially for  Cristy Anspachm…

Here is a typical example of a sausage here in Sweden

We cut a piece from the sausage and remove the wrapping and set on a stick and grill over the fire

This is what it looks like when cooked

To cook the coffee I first boil the water in a coffee pot

I then pour in coffee grounds until they form a peak above the water.  The pot goes back over the fire and simmers for a couple of minutes.  I then pour out a cup of coffee and pour back into the pot.  This makes the coffee grounds settle to the bottom of the pot and after a couple of minutes you can pour out the coffee.


3 thoughts on “Out for a meal

  1. Thank you!
    What a privilege to peek into your menu and meal!
    You’re very kind to take special photos to appease my curiosity. My mother’s father came to the US from Sweden, but unfortunately as so often happens – all the lore and traditions were lost and forgotten. He’s not around anymore, but I know he’d be glad for this connection I’ve found.
    Again – thank you. I continue to enjoy seeing what you share here.

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