Items I carry in the forest everyday

I start my new job on Wednesday as Project Leader for the nature center we are creating in Dokkas, so I will not have so much time to get out and about and as so I probably will not be posting as much.

I thought it might be interesting to see what I carry with me on a daily basis when I am out in the forest.

The first item is a piece of carry mat to sit on when the ground is wet or covered in snow.  I carry it rolled up with a piece of parachute cord tied around

Inside the mat I have a small bottle of water (because there is often not water available in the middle of the forest) and I store dry material for making fire.

I carry my titanium mug in a leather pouch clipped to my belt and inside the mug I have a leather pouch containing instant coffee and stock cubes.

I also have my knife and sharpening kit on my belt and in my pockets; strike anywhere matches, parachute cord, hemp cord (for making fire), camera, a spare camera battery and SD card.

Around my neck I have a small torch, a wooden spoon and the kit I carry in my neck pouch.

1. Small knife, with blade, scissors, tooth pick and small tweezers.
2. Some reindeer sinew and a bone awl and bone needle.
3. A piece of carbon steel chainsaw file, a piece of flint, a piece of true tinder fungus, a char tube and some sisal string – all of which I use in combination for fire lighting.
4. A small firesteel and a glue stick from a hot glue gun.
5. Reindeer leather neck pouch


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