A very very hot week!!

Last time I wrote that the temperature was 27 degrees, but everyday since then it has been 35 degrees (and probably even warmer at certain times)!  The downside to this is of course that there are many many mosquitoes now however, there are also many species of dragonflies, butterflies and moths appearing

Last weekend we stayed at my cabin and I was doing small jobs such as repairng the floor

We had another competition to build boats out of items we found in the cabin

and race then across the lake (I won for the first time)

At the nature center we have now purchased a Volkswagen minibus so that I can run nature safaris from the center

On Wednesday I helped with the stocking of fish in a local fishing lake.  The fish were transported to the lake in a water tank

We transferred the fish into large buckets and carried them to the lake

Here is a piece of video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The two species of fish we introduced were Arctic Char and Rainbow Trout

The same evening there was a heavy thunder storm after, as the rain evaporated and the sun set (it doesn’t actually go below the horizon now) the forest was filled with a beautiful red mist


One thought on “A very very hot week!!

  1. Lovely pics of the forest Kevin.
    I had the same t3 vw as a camper they are a real workhorse. It’s peering here in the uk today but we’ve had very little rain this year and many counties are talking about hose pipe bans. I’m at a vw show and vey wet! Atb Dave

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