Making squash

I purchased a second hand saft maja (squash maker) and decided to try it out last week.  I have drunk Birch leaf squash recently which was really nice and so I gave it a try.

I collected Birch leaves and put in the maja

The base of the maja you fill with water and put on the cooker to boil. The part to the right of the picture which collects the squash is then placed on top

The next part to go on, is the sieve that holds the Birch leaves & sugar and finally the lid goes on

As the water heats up and boils, the water vapour rises through; in this case birch leaves, but I used Lingon berries also and as they steam, the juices drop down and eventually the juice runs out of the rubber pipe into a bottle.

Here are bottles of Lingon and Birch squash, with Teres’ Sill Torte or Herring cake which is traditionally eaten at mid-summer.


6 thoughts on “Making squash

  1. Love your blog. I’m too have a steam juicer so I’ve read your post with interest. Can you describe what birch leaf squash tastes like, I’m curious because I’ve only ever tried birch sap.

  2. Thanks! Last question (promise!). Can you birch leaves at any time of year or is it best to use young spring growth?

  3. Hello, I have just been given a saft-maja
    But can’t read the instructions and I think it needs a new tube? Any tips? Or know where I can get a new tube? I’d love to give it a go! But no idea where to start, your the only information I’ve found in English so hoping you can help,
    Thank you lucy

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