Last week the fishing season opened on a lake near our house

and so we headed off for an evenings fishing with many others from Nattavaara.

It was a great evening for me as I caught my first fish……a large Perch!

Emma was very happy as she caught 7 Perch and Sebastian caught a nice Rainbow Trout

This Common Sandpiper was not so happy with us as I think it had a nest or young close by

I gutted the fish and removed the head and bones.  I used Birch to to hold the fish open and lashed in place with roots from Lingon and Blueberry

I cooked the fish for about 10 minutes over the fire

Here is the cooked fish

and here are the children enjoying it


2 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. I have just discovered your blog. I am impressed. In the first place we live many thousands of kilometers apart, because I live in Willow, Alaska. The amazing (well, perhaps not so amazing) thing is that our environment is so similar. I am at 62 degrees North latitude and I would guess you are not so far away from that. So, except for the fact that your English is far better than my Swedish, I find everything you have posted fascinating. I really like your way of grilling fish. I live 200 meters from a stocked lake and will try your method of cooking fish any day now. I especially liked your article on birch “squash.” I think this is British English; but no matter (“squash” in American English is a vegetable. In the UK it is called marrow or other names). I see how you did it. Now, my chances of finding a “Maja” are slim to non-existent, but perhaps I could make one. It would be called a “juicer” in the US. I am surrounded by birches; indeed every tie I go out the door I am in danger of being hit by a birch. The idea of doing something with birch leaves is absolutely fascinating.

    Please keep posting. I have added your blog to my reading list, and if people in the equatorial regions don’t find it interesting, why, too bad. I have benefited from it already. I have added you to my important blogs collection.

    • Many thanks for taking the time to post such an informative comment.

      We are above 66 degrees latitude here (within the Arctic Circle).

      Keep in contact.


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