Reindeer calf marking

This is my last post before I head with the family for 10 days in England.

Last week myself and Teres were invited to help with marking Reindeer calves near Nattavaara.

We drove 5kms into the forest and then walked a further 4kms to the location where we would be marking the calves.  We arrived at about 9pm.

We made coffee and cooked some food

We set up plastic sheeting over the wire fencing so that the Reindeer calves did not try to escape and get their heads caught in the wire

The Reindeer are run through this narrow gateway and are counted and the calves separated from their mothers for marking.

We started driving the Reindeer into the pen at around midnight

The Reindeer were herded and sorted in small groups

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some animals were being fitted with satelite transmitters as part of a study on the predation of Reindeer by Brown Bears.


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