Kaitum & Killingi

Last weekend we went to Kaitum river for the weekend.  We stayed in our laavu at the side of the river

It was a beautiful, warm evening by the side of the river

We some Reindeer, including this rather impressive haak (a male Reindeer)

There were many, many mosquitoes there and it was not easy to sleep.  Next morning we cooked breakfast

Travelling here the previous day, we had stopped at a petrol station that was selling hammocks for £5.  They had five left and we bought them all and I have to say they were well worth the money

We drove to Killinge, a few miles further up the river to see my friend Tommy, who has a cabin there.

At this house next to the river

there was a Great Grey Shrike nesting.  There were in fact three pairs of Shrikes in Killinge (the first time I have seen this species in Sweden).  This was unfortunately the best picture I could get

We spent Sunday fishing at a lake close to Nattavaara

I caught two really nice Rainbow Trout


3 thoughts on “Kaitum & Killingi

  1. Good to see you finally getting into some fish mate. Nice trout ! Bet they tasted good ! Regards, Charlie.

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