Vuollerim 6000 years stone age museum

On Friday we visited the stone age museum in the village of Vuollerim.  The museum is called Vuollerim 6000 years

and is close to a stone age settlement that was discovered there in the early ’80s.  This is the site of one of several buildings that were found

The pits you see had a variety of uses, from storing food, preparing food or fire sites.

This is a reconstruction of the turf dwelling outside the museum

and here are three pictures from inside the building

and the kitchen area

There is a very impressive display of reconstructed items found during excavation of the area;

winter clothing (the climate here was thought to have been a couple of degrees warmer and so there were no Reindeer, instead the people were trading for skins)

clothing made from Salmon fish skins (tanned with human urine)

Some hunting tools

A nice birch bark arrow quiver



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