A trip to the fjälls/mountains

On Thursday myself and my friend Tommy drove to the fjälls for a fishing trip.  Our destination was on the side of a river that flows into a large lake called Satihaure.  We drove to where the road ended, unloaded the boat

We packed our gear into the boat and were soon on our way

There was a strong westerly wind and heavy showers.  When the showers came, the wind increased and the boat was struggling in the head wind, so we decided to stop and fish for a while.

The weather did not improve and eventually we decided to make camp for the night and hope the weather improved in the morning

When we awoke the sun was shining and the wind had dropped, and so we packed our gear in the boat and headed off.  Once we were out in the lake the wind began to blow again and there came some heavy rain showers.  I was amazed to watch a flying Red-throated Diver carrying a fish, gradually climb in altitude and eventually disappear over a mountain top.

The water level in the lake was 5 – 6 metres below what it should normally be and Tommy was finding it not so easy to navigate avoiding the shallows and large bolders under the water.

As we left the lake and travelled up the river I had to sit at the front of the boat and give Tommy direction to stay in deep water, but eventually we could not go any further.

This trip was also my first chance to test my new Frisport lavvu (I will be writing more about it soon)

We made fire and boiled some water to make coffee (in the picture below you can see a very old Sámi fire sight in front of our fire wood)

My friend Dirk had given me a tin of Corned Beef from Germany just before I left and so with all the necessary indredients

I made corned beef hash for lunch

After lunch we began fishing and both caught several medium sized Grayling.  We our way up-river fishing for a couple of kilometres.

We caught some nice sized fish

and it was good to be able to make fire, cook some coffee and grill fresh fish at the same time



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