A trip to the fjälls/mountains continued

Heavy rain showers continued for the rest of the day and by 8pm we were back at the lavvu.  I walked up the side of the mountain behind the lavvu to try and find dry fire wood amongst the Mountain Birches and found I bird I had not expected to see….a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Picoides minor, about the same size as a Chaffinch, and as I collected fire wood I soon found why it was there….here is its nest

We were early to bed and hoped for an improvement in the weather next morning.

When we awoke our hopes had been fulfilled.  Here is the view out of the lavvu

We opened up the front of the lavvu and made a fire inside to cook breakfast and help dry it out

It was so nice to be out in the sunshine

We fished for a couple of hours

and admire the sunny scenery

But as the wind started to blow again, we decided it was time to head home.

My total catch was 22 Grayling which I was very happy with.

I spent the evening in the forest fishing but caught nothing

and it was such a lovely night with the full moon


6 thoughts on “A trip to the fjälls/mountains continued

  1. Aye, it’s a tough life! Looks amazing, and loved the pic of the full moon. Time to quit Scotland and head to Sweden me thinks! All the best.

  2. Good to see you getting a good haul of fisch ! Did you take them and smoke them or something ? Or did you return them ? I take it a Laavu is like a teepee ? Great story, thanks for sharing. Regards, Charlie.

  3. Seems to have been a real nice trip. Like Charlie, I am wondering, too, if you preserved the fish and took them home for food? Thanks for sharing and all the best.

    • Hi Ben, People here say that Grayling does not keep well so we put most of the fish back.

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