Frisport Andersnatten Extreme 6-8 person lavvu

Thought I would write a quick review about my new Frisport Andersnatten Extreme lavvu.  Apart from our 15 person Tentipi, this is the first tent I have purchased and so I cannot compare with any other.

Before I begin I must say a “BIG THANK YOU” to Jed Yarnold from True North Outdoor for all his help and advice when I was considering purchasing a Frisport Lavvu.  Jed is the UK distributor for Frisport and really friendly, helpful guy.  He also designs and produces his own range of outdoor equipment so take a look at his website.

I purchased my lavvu from an on-line shop in Norway and it included a free mosquito door, so when I opened the box, this is what was inside; the lavvu, centre pole, tent pegs and the mosquito door (I have included my Leatherman Wave for size comparison

The parts of the centre pole pack neatly inside each other and a plastic cap on each end prevents them sliding out.

The five sections push together to make the pole

and the end of the pole goes into a cup in the top of the lavvu

The lavvu material is rip-stop polyester

The lavvu has an aluminium coating on the inside which helps reflect heat and this also reduces the size of fire required to warm the tent.

There are two air vents opposite  the door which can be closed completely if not required

A guy-line to one of the air vents was missing, but a quick telephone call to Frisport (also in Norway) and one was in the post to me.

A hat can be fitted over the top of the lavvu (see picture below) which can be opened to allow smoke out when using a fire inside.  The hat can be rotated 360 degrees but to do this you have to un-tie and re-tie a series of guy-lines.

To simplify this I have added shockcord hooks to each of the lines

I must say that the instructions that came with the lavvu are appalling!!!  When I have some time I will produce a PDF instruction document available to download.

Here is the PDF instructions frisport andersnatten instructions

The end of one of the seam tapes is also not stuck to the material and so I have to buy some adhesive and for these two reasons I give the Frisport Andersnatten Extreme a 8 out of 10.


3 thoughts on “Frisport Andersnatten Extreme 6-8 person lavvu

  1. Nice review Kevin.

    I particularly like the shock cord idea and the clips to the hood lines. I have loads of these so may adapt my tipi to this.



  2. Kevin
    Great bit of equipment.
    Could I ask how much it cost and if you have a link to the site.

    I keep looking at your courses and 1 day I will come over.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Hi Wayne, due to import tax in the UK I would not recommend buying from Norway. You would be better to talk with Jed…..tell him I sent you :>)

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