Building a veranda on my cabin-1

The old veranda at my cabin had become very rotten and unsafe to use

so I decided to remove it and build a new one

I used some of the old foundation pillars to construct the veranda on and also purchased some new ones which are adjustable if there is any movement in the ground

I used 150×50 as the base and then impregnated 150×28 as the decking

It took a couple of days before the veranda floor was completed

with steps up to it

I had the company of a family of Siberian Jays while I was working.

My next task was to construct the roof…….

Guiding in Muddus National Park-3

It was late in the afternoon when Dirk returned with the reindeer

and so we decided to stay another night at the cabin. One of the leather straps on the reindeer’s bridle had broken and so using Duck Tape, dental floss and a needle I carry in my neck pouch, I repaired the strap.

We made a fire outside and cooked sausage during the evening

The next morning we continued on our journey

and after crossing a river

we arrived at the next cabin at the Muddus Waterfall

We also found this Forest Lemming wondering around near the cabin

it has this rusty brown patch on the lower back

The next morning we packed again and walked 11kms to where the vehicles were waiting to take us home.

Guiding in Muddus National Park-2

We were up at 7am next morning and after breakfast I helped Dirk pack and weigh the bags for the Reindeer.

At 9am we began our next part of the journey to another cabin 9kms away.

shortly after I took this picture

one of the reindeer got away from the person leading it and ran off into the trees carrying our guests sleeping bags and food.  I ran after him but was unable to catch him and eventually he ran off across the marshes.

We decided to return to the cabin where we had stayed the previous night.  I would stay with the guests at the cabin and Dirk would take some reindeer pellets and try to find the reindeer.

Dirk disappeared into the forest (to return 4 hours later with the reindeer) and I made coffee for the guests.  After an hour or so the guests were a little bored so I decided to do a firelighting demonstration.  I began with flint and steel and because everything was so wet, it was a bit of a challenge to make fire.  I used Willow from the log store to make a bow-drill set and make fire, I demonstrated the firesteel and talked about how to make fire using the bottom of a drinks can and a condom.

Another method of firelighting I usually demonstrate is with wire-wool and a 9 volt battery, but although I always carry wire-wool in my tinder kit I do not carry a 9v battery.  However, it occurred to me to try a different method using two AA batteries and my knife

Here’s how I did it….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More soon…..

Guiding in Muddus National Park-1

Last week I was working for my friend Dirk from Solberget Wilderness Retreat as a wilderness guide in Muddus National Park for a rainy 4 days.  We had eight guests with us from Germany and three of Dirk’s reindeer to help carry food and equipment.  We unloaded the reindeer and equipment

Secured pack-saddles to the reindeer

and then the packs containing food and equipment

then we were on our way

We rested after a few kilometres

and the reindeer enjoyed eating reindeer lichen

We walked about 11kms to a cabin where we would be spending our first night

It was a really nice cabin with a woodburning stove 6 beds inside.

There was also a smaller cabin with 4 beds, and an observation tower which towered over the trees

with some fantastic views

The evening was spent reading and playing cards by oil lamp light

There was also a nice view of the moon over the lake briefly before the rain returned again


More work on my cabin

I have started some more work on the cabin.  This time I am building a new veranda .  The old one was very rotten and dangerous and had to be removed

I have completed the base and will be putting the decking on next week

I also built a spruce shelter for Emma to play in

There was a female Bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) at the cabin, 2 Hawk Owls nearby

and a Great Grey Shrike

Last week I had an Arctic Warbler (Phylloscopus borealis) in the garden.

On Tuesday I will be in Muddus National Park for four days guiding German tourists, with my friend Dirk and his reindeers.  But more about that next time.