Guiding in Muddus National Park-1

Last week I was working for my friend Dirk from Solberget Wilderness Retreat as a wilderness guide in Muddus National Park for a rainy 4 days.  We had eight guests with us from Germany and three of Dirk’s reindeer to help carry food and equipment.  We unloaded the reindeer and equipment

Secured pack-saddles to the reindeer

and then the packs containing food and equipment

then we were on our way

We rested after a few kilometres

and the reindeer enjoyed eating reindeer lichen

We walked about 11kms to a cabin where we would be spending our first night

It was a really nice cabin with a woodburning stove 6 beds inside.

There was also a smaller cabin with 4 beds, and an observation tower which towered over the trees

with some fantastic views

The evening was spent reading and playing cards by oil lamp light

There was also a nice view of the moon over the lake briefly before the rain returned again



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