Building a veranda on my cabin-1

The old veranda at my cabin had become very rotten and unsafe to use

so I decided to remove it and build a new one

I used some of the old foundation pillars to construct the veranda on and also purchased some new ones which are adjustable if there is any movement in the ground

I used 150×50 as the base and then impregnated 150×28 as the decking

It took a couple of days before the veranda floor was completed

with steps up to it

I had the company of a family of Siberian Jays while I was working.

My next task was to construct the roof…….


2 thoughts on “Building a veranda on my cabin-1

  1. Hi,

    great blog. You often make me jealous! I notice you dont have any B’s in your blog roll. Well it just so happens my blog begins with B.

    Would you like to exchange links perhaps.


    Andy at Belfast bushcraft blog.

    P.s i saw a lovely pic on your blog and put it on mind with a link back to yours, hope you dont mind.

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