Building a veranda on my cabin-2

Before I could begin constructing the roof I required some 100mm x 100mm timbers as supports for the roof.  They would be very expensive to buy but fortunately my friend Alf had some pressure treated telegraph posts I could use

and using a special chainsaw saw bench….

we cut all the supports I required

Alf and his son Roger also came to my cabin to help measure and mark a large beam that I would fix to the side of the cabin and would support the veranda roof, but all the other work I had to do on my own.

Once I had cut the beam and fixed it to the wall, I could begin construction

Once all the 100 x 100 timbers were in place, I fixed on the roof support beams

My next task was to lay out the corrugated roof and decide how much each of the 9 pieces must overlap to cover the veranada

One of my most difficult tasks was lifting up the corrugated sheets on to the roof.  To do this I used a ladder and part of a ratchet strap

By pulling on the end of the strap to the left of the above picture I could lift up a metal sheet and the hook in the other end of the strap conveniently hooked over a ladder step to hold everything in  place while I moved behind the metal sheet and pushed it on to the roof using a long piece of wood

When the corrugated roof was on I fixed it in place with tech-screws

I cut off excess timber and the roof was completed

It rained hard every day and it was difficult to do everything on my own but I feel it was worth it

but I am very happy with the end result

I have also made this small coffee table to use when we sit out on the veranda

4 thoughts on “Building a veranda on my cabin-2

    • Hi Par, They are treated with CCA. The smell of creosote on a warm summer day would be a little too much for me.

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