Fiskars hatchet RIP!!!

For the first time ever I have lost a piece of kit while out in the forest; my Fiskars hatchet.  I must have put it down while working and forgotten to pick it up again.  I have retraced my steps but have not found it.

I had made a leather sheath for it, which clipped to my belt and inside the handle I had a sharpening file

I carried it with my most of the time and used it for carving, shelter building and many other tasks.

I emailed Fiskars a couple of weeks ago to ask for my nearest supplier here in the North of Sweden but disappointingly they have not replied.



4 thoughts on “Fiskars hatchet RIP!!!

  1. I thought they were to be found in any hardware store around here (ok, I’m in Jämtland).

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