New species at my cabin and a wood burner

Using an old 20 litre oil drum I found on the side of the road and a piece of metal drain pipe, I have made a small wood burning stove to use on the veranda at my cabin.

I put 25mm sand in the bottom to help protect the bottom of the oil can.  I drilled a series of holes around the can, 15cms up from the bottom as air intakes.  The door has a diameter of 25cms and the drain pipe/flue has a diameter of 9cms.

It burns very well and very efficiently and provides a good source of heat when sitting out in the evenings.

A new bird species sitting in a tree calling was a beautiful male Pine Grosbeak/Tallbit (you can listen to the call on the page I have linked too).

Another new species so close to my cabin was completely unexpected!!

When I looked out of the cabin window I saw some large footprints

On closer inspection I could see they were from a Wolf.  The best print I have covered with a tin lid to protect it.  The Wolf must have walked around the cabin the previous evening (it gets dark at 5 now) when the ground was wet.  Then later in the evening the temperature dropped to -6 and froze the ground leaving perfect prints

This particular print measured 11.5cms.

The gait measured exactly 100cms.

Here’s a picture of another bird that is resident at my cabin now, but can you see what it is??……..

6 thoughts on “New species at my cabin and a wood burner

  1. Always a pleasure to flick through your blog and see how your new life abroad is progressing- looks grand! but I assume its gonna get bastard cold very soon! good stuff fella!

    • Hi Nick, Pleased to see things are going well for you also. When are you coming to visit? ;>)

  2. Great idea with that oil drum, it must be nice to watch the surroundings from the veranda and be warmed by thas little stove! Have you been at the cabin that night when the wolf walked around? The bird look’s like Tetrastes bonasia.

    All the best!

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