Natural Lore Flint & Steel Set

I had been wondering what to write about, but then my friend Håkan made me this as a gift

It is a traditional snuff or tinder container,

made from Birch bur, thin strips of Pine and sewed with Birch root and he has set Reindeer horn into the top.

Inside he had put a Bic lighter as a joke and I will explain why…

I have started selling Natural Lore Fire Sets here in Lapland and I am using old PLASTIC snuff containers (people here throw thousands away every year and I thought I would recycle some) but Håkan thinks I should make something like the container he has made to contain the fire sets.

The fire set includes a specially made fire steel, with a piece of flint, some True Tinder Fungus

and some Hemp string in the top compartment

I am going to make a container like Håkan’s (without Reindeer horn in the top) to see how long it takes me to make one.  Maybe I can use them as a more expensive version of the Natural Lore Fire Set……we shall see.


10 thoughts on “Natural Lore Flint & Steel Set

  1. Wonderful. I would buy either or both. I am about to buy a fire steel but the traditional shape in your set is so beautiful, in the wooden box it would be sublime. I love recycling so this too would appeal.

  2. I like the recycling idea, but the ‘traditional’ one is much more special. If you are planning on selling them, I should put my money on that one.

    • Thanks Ben. The traditional ones will cost quite a bit more due to the work involved and I am not sure people will pay so much up here……we shall see.

  3. How can i get one kit like that, to post a blog review of it. Its pretty handy and vise idea, to use snusk containers like that,indeed.

  4. Hi. I love following your adventures… Is there anything I could send you in exchange for a couple of plastic granit snuff containers?
    Any English food your missing?

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