Santa Winter Games 2011

On Saturday Gällivare hosted its annual “Santa Winter Games” with contestants from all of the world competing to be “Santa of the Year”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Santa’s from all over the world compete in various competitions to be “Santa of the year”.

The event was rather disappointing in my opinion and poorly organised.  The sound system had not been tested before the event started and so they had problems with playing music and commentary.  There was a small area with barriers around where the competition was taking place and with adults standing at the front, many children could not see.  Adults were even pushing children out of the way to get a better place at the front.  Surely it would not be so difficult to create a viewing area just for children.

Because there is no snow here, they could not have the reindeer racing competition and instead had a reindeer “bucking bronco”, but due to the strong association with santa and reindeer I thought they would have reindeer there for children to see and stroke, but unfortunately not.

It was quite cold on Saturday (the temperature dropped to -13) but there was no food or drink available to purchase and I cannot understand why.

Like many other families we left part way through the games and have no idea who actually won.

This is an event that could really put Gällivare on the world map for winter tourism if it was organised better.  Maybe there was a limited budget, but if the budget was increased and the event organised better, I’m sure it would attract spectators from all over the world.

The Santa from Japan was giving out dragonflies made from cord.  They did not seem so difficult to make so I gave it a try.  The one given out is in red on the right and mine is blue on the left (mine is a mosquito because I think that is more appropriate here).

I will write a tutorial sometime on how to make them.



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