Terrible weather conditions

After a few days of snow and temperatures down to -23 degrees, the weather then became warmer on Tuesday evening with a night time temperature of +3 degrees.  It also began to rain heavily, but then the temperature dropped below freezing again and both the rainwater and snow melt have frozen forming a thick layer of  ice over the ground and roads.  Driving conditions are now very difficult (even with winter studded tyres) because they have no grip on the ice.  There have been many accidents up here and cars are also just sliding off the roads.  It is also very difficult to walk anywhere because you keep slipping over.

These conditions will make life very difficult for wildlife, such as small mammals which cannot borrow through the ice layer and Reindeer which cannot dig through the ice to find food.



3 thoughts on “Terrible weather conditions

  1. Having lived here for almost seven years now, I can remember one winter when we had similar conditions for a while. Very tough for wildlife. And dangerous for yourself. No fun having to walk or drive a car on a thick layer of ice.

    Be careful yourself and give the animals some extra feed…

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