Northern Lights….what a fantastic display

On Wednesday night between 10 and 11pm there was a fantastic display of the Northern Lights; the best many people can remember here!!

I stood in my garden watching the beautiful colours and patterns in the sky, coming from every direction (even in the south).  After some time I realised I should be taking some photographs but unfortunately by the time I had fetched my camera and located my Gorilla Pod the best of the display was over.  However, here are the best pictures I was able to take

In this final picture the light was so bright that it is actually over exposed with a 15 second exposure!


One thought on “Northern Lights….what a fantastic display

  1. Incredible, thanks for sharing. Wish I was there…………..

    BBC said they were visible and impressive as far down the UK as Yorkshire!! No one mentioned that this could have been because of the large Coronal Mass Ejection the other day…………..

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