TOG 24

TOG 24; have you heard of them?…I hadn’t.

While in the UK I wanted to buy a down jacket and while in TK MAX in Newmarket I found a jacket made by a company called TOG 24 for £90.  Not familiar with the company I decided not to buy one.  I asked friends about this company but no one seemed to know much about them, but coincidentally while visiting my aunty in hospital in Peterborough, my cousin informed me that TOG 24 had a store about 2 minutes drive from the hospital, so I decided to pay them a visit to find out more about the jacket.

The jacket is called an “Everest” and has 80% Duck down, 20% Feather and 500 fill power.  Their temperature rating for the jacket was to about -30 degrees C.

When I told them I was thinking to buy from TK MAX they even offered a jacket at a slightly cheaper price, so I bought one.

The coldest temperature I have warn the jacket at so far is -22 with just at-shirt underneath and I was warm and comfortable.  The jacket is a little thicker than other more expensive makes and does not pack down so small, but for the price I am very very pleased!!



One thought on “TOG 24

  1. Downjackets are very warm, but temperature don´t tell the whole truth it´s also about wind, have you eaten, are you tired and your activity level; standing still or skiing for example. But right people can get general idea warmth of good down jacket.

    Never hear that brand though.

    – Finnman

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